15 April 2012

WOW, April already

Where does the time go.  I had envisaged blogging daily or at the very least weekly, but it has just not happened.

Where have I been?  Well I have done lots more markers, also been selling my cards on facebook and have had a ncie selection of different orders to do.  I had two in particula that I loved.  Baby shower invites done as one-sie's and a beautfil card I did for a husband to give his wife on the their 10 year anniversary.  Really enjoyed doing these and hope to do more in the future.  Will be adding them to me album to take to markets etc to see if Ic an get more orders.

Am now in the middle of redoing my craft studio, so its all pulled apart and lying all over the house, hopefully will be done by next week end and I can show new pics.

Would love to hear how you are all going and if you are reading this

Take care till next time, Wendy

26 December 2011

Merry Christmas everyone

Well its the 26th, so that as we say is Christmas for another year.  Has been a long year health wise, some great days and others not so, but am thankful for the support and love I get from my husband and family. 

This was the year I got brave and took my greeting cards to some markets.  Had some great experiences, met lot of lovely people and gave me the confidence to keep creating and moving forward with my love of card making and paper crafts.

If you are looking for greeting cards, invitations ect, then please stop by my face book page and have a look at some of the cards I have done.  Am always happy to discuss custom orders.

So how has your year been?  Was Christmas all that you wished it to be?  I don't make New Years resolutions, I don't see the point of them really, but instead of a resolution for myself, I am just wishing all the best for a dear friend who is doing it very tough health wise and hope and pray that things improve for them and that they continue to have the strength, courage and support to fight the good fight and be with us for a very long time.  They certainly are an inspiration and I wish all good things for them.

Tomorrow begins a new start to some creating I want to do, have lots of images and ideas in mind, hope they transpire to my cards.  ;_-).  For now I want to share some new Christmas cards I did recently, now that they have all been received I can share.  However, blogger is not liking me and I can't add them now. 

Hope everyone is having a great day/night, Wendy

28 November 2011

another Sunday

Had another new market on Sunday.  My niece was invited to attend the Race and Taste day at the race course as they were having stalls in the betting ring and she asked if I would like to join her.  So never one to back down I jumped at the chance to try another market and see how I went.  The good thing it was  a late start so that helped, we set up for the punters by 12pm and then we had the whole day toll just after 5.oo pm .  I didn't do too bad, think I sold more then the other markets actually.  The big seller again was the gift card holders and some birthday cards.  Helped to realise I need to do some baby cards in neutral instead of blue and pink, and also need more male cards for younger men not the older version I have so that was all productive.  I also think some of my larger square cards may be priced a little high, but am not sure, so this week we are back at the Hall Markets so am going to have a special on them and reduce the price and see what reactions I get.  Think next year this will all go much better when the Christmas period is over as more people will perhaps want more variety in cards then now when all they are thinking of is Christmas perhaps.

But it has been fun and got me thinking about things and how I might be able to expand depending on a few issues I am investigating.

Also I m going to be doing some sample wedding cards/packs for my niece to look at as I would love to do her wedding invites for her and she is keen but I want to make sure she likes what I do and not just say yes because its me.  SO we are doing it like a customer and I will do the samples and we can discuss.  Soooo excited about that little venture.

Hope everyone is having a good day and being creative, Wendy

24 November 2011

Markets, Markets and More Markets

So after the not so very successful markets at Hall, I tried an indoor market last Sunday.  Was more tailored for children's clothes and toys but did sell a few more cards and things. The price of the stall was a bit exie but was good to get my name out there I think and get people stopping and taking business cards and flyers.  Went ok.  This Sunday I am doing another one at the Race Course called a Race and Taste.  There will be plenty of food and wine stalls and some craft stalls as well, so will see how we go at that.

Have a few gift card holders to make as they were a big seller last week end so will get some done tomorrow.

Then the following Sunday we are back at Hall for the final market there of the year so hopefully it wont be as hot as the first time hehehe.

Will post some pics of my table from last week which I am getting really quick at setting up now and and a  few of the gift card holders and Christmas cards.  During the day I took a lot of the cards and just spread them across the table and that got people in some more I think so my table did not stay this neat all day.

We couldn't put any thing up on the walls etc so I wasnt able to place my new banner anywhere, might look into getting one of those free standing flags thingies (that's technical) next year.  I am also looking into whether I am able to sell some other things like the cute little suitcases that I have on my table, think they might be a nice addition to my handmade things and if they go well I might expand but have to wait on some feedback first about a few things before I go head long into setting up anything more then what I have for now.  Could be some exciting times ahead if things go well.

Hope you like my products and if so please leave some feedback as I love to receive comments (good and bad lol)

Have a great day, Wendy

09 November 2011

Market Day Recap

Well to say we were disappointed might be a little understated.  Firstly the day was soo hot and pretty dusty and I don't think we got the best site for our wares, but being one of the newbie sites I knew we had to take what we got until we get some runs on the board.

Was a long day, plenty of interest in my cards and lots of chatter but sales were not great.  Although was our first time so cant expect too much.  Also all we could hear as people walked past and whilst in our tent was how hot it was so not the best day for them either.

My poor niece did not sell one canvas which I was really upset for her, just wished she could have sold one, made it a bit hard for her and she is a little disappointed.

But will be back next month and see how we go, we are going to try the set up a little different as I think she thinks my table cut her people off from seeing her canvases so am happy to change it around for her and see how we go.  I am also looking at some other markets to see the costs of getting a stall so might try other places as well.

Posting a couple of pics that we took whilst we set up.  The Ezz Art sign is for Erin's canvass' and my sign didnt arrive in time, (silly vista print have mucked me around)

Thanks for stopping by and have  a great day,  Wend